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About us

e-stats.io is an online gaming community platform which allows players / gamers to communicate with other like-minded. We aim for a complete platform which uses the best of the online features to engage users in a powerful online community. We bring the love of gaming to the next level. With a wide range of features including, streams, groups, friends, chat and much more, to secure a friendly environment which allows users to interact with each other.

e-stats team

The e-stats team is based on people who loves gaming, who understand it and who wants to grow and improve the gaming community. How do we want to improve it? We want to make all players able to easier find other players to play with. We want people to create groups and share moments in-game with their friends. We want everyone to be able to participate in an online community where prestige is earn by in-game skills, helpful debate and/or active streamer skills.

The vision for e-stats.io

Our goal is to be the standard choice for any and all gaming information and community. We aim for a 100% complete informative platform which allows user interactions and game updates. We will bring players together in a new online experience, which has never been seen before.

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